Over 60 Years of Quality

Over 60 years of experience in making watches has made Pryngeps a leading brand in the sector and known for its quality, reliability and customer service.

The company was founded in Milan in 1956 out of the Farinola family’s passion. Pryngeps has been able to grow and reinvent itself throughout the years without ever loosing its family roots and values. Pryngeps’ history starts in a small, but central location, in Via dell’Unione in Milan. During its first years in business the company specialized in producing watches for other brands. It then entered the market with its own products with the Pryngeps crown. The company changed location in the eighties and nineties and moved their offices to Via Torino, where they are currently located. These offices are more spacious and state-of-the-art, and therefore allow more room for the company to grow as Pryngeps continues to become more and more successful. Pryngeps’ products are available in jewellery shops all over Italy and even internationally. Pryngeps has its own boutique in Hong Kong and is always looking beyond the horizon for new markets.

In the nineties, following the success of the Jamaica Sound model that brought technology and function together in a youthful and cheerful design, the Jamaica Time brand was created, which was inspired by colour, speed and lightness. This brand, for younger people, combined technology, tradition and the reliability of the Pryngeps brand, in shapes and colours that were truly one of a kind.

Since 2000 Pryngeps has managed to capture the market with a line of silver jewellery, all designed by Pryngeps with the elegant and unmistakeable design of the brand, from the elements with the personalized charm of Pryngeps to those embellished with coloured gems or Swarovski crystals.